ASE Certification 101: Why It's so Important

February 28th, 2021 by

ASE, or Automotive Service Excellence, is a certification of the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. It's a badge of honor that our FORT WORTH MITSUBISHI service department techs wear with pride. What does it mean exactly? Why is it important? Here's why.

The NIASE Certification Program

The ASE certification program is only open to automotive mechanics who already have experience. The program is a rigorous series of learning experiences and tests to gauge each mechanic's knowledge of:

Engine performance
Transmission (auto and manual)
Electrical systems
And much more

Training, Exam and Certification

During the NIASE training journey, mechanics must complete at least two years of on-the-job training or acquire a two-year degree in automotive repair. Training culminates with a rigorous, comprehensive NIASE exam, typically passed for the first time by only two-thirds of the mechanics who take it. Maintaining certification requires a re-test every five years.

The stringent on-the-job training and testing confirms that an ASE-certified mechanic exceeds the highest standards of up-to-date automotive knowledge necessary to deliver careful, wise, conscientious service on any make/model. Often, mechanics undergo factory-specific training and certification to enhance their automotive repair knowledge of a specific make.


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